GEMSTONE DIAMOND QUARTZ (with anthraxolite inclusions)


(with anthraxolite inclusions)


  • Root (especially smoky)
  • Third eye
  • Crown
  • They are said to be able to vibrate at all color frequencies stimulating all 7 chakras simultaneously while keeping them in alignment.

These Quartz are named DIAMOND QUARTZ because they naturally have the Double Terminated look of a Diamond. This types are slightly smokey, and have small black inclusions of manganese and/or carbon or small barnacle quartz pieces on the surface.

Smoky Diamond Quartz has a particularly strong grounding energy that heals the earth chakra. Judy Hall describes them as beeing able to clear electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress.  

It is said Diamond Quartz clears all the chakras and supports for spiritual energy to flow. It may help to recognize blockages or resistance to your spiritual growth. It then facilitates gentle release and transformation, bringing your soul's purpose forward. This stone stimulates conscious attunement to the highest spiritual levels and to your own potential.

This stone is also said to enlivens, and promote creativity.

Judy Hall refers this type of gemstone to attune people and link them together when they have to be parted: each person should retain one stone.

Information based on the bestseller book „The Crystal Bible“ (JUDY HALL)

*Disclaimer: Crystal meanings are not a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information. They are presented as spiritual supports to healing and other life issues. See a doctor or licensed medical practitioner for all health issues

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