About our ethical jewelry production, the story about the local village & the sacred balinese blessings



When creating our jewelry, we try to be as conscious and ethically as we can be at the given moment. 
Every step in the process of making is done by hand. Weather it is the packaging, the gemstone work or the assembling of the jewelry itself.
    • Most of our jewelry items are unique pieces.
      Our ring design is dependent on the shape & beauty of the given rough gemstone. We always follow its shape. The process of each ring is totally unique and takes much more time to build than serial productions. 

    • Our gemstones are carefully selected by hand and reworked exactly according our imagination with the help of local balinese grinders.

    • The assembly of our Jewelry is all done by hand by local balinese people that live in a suburb village.

    • For our Jewelry we mostly use recycled 925 silver. Since we decided to stick with the traditional Balinese Jewelry making, we also use their way of making. Most of our Jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver. For some parts we might use fine 99.9% silver. This makes these parts a bit softer and easier to work with. Assumptions that this kind of silver tarnishes more easily is wrong. In fact it is even more shiny and less tarnishing because it contains much less other metals like copper etc..

    • Our packaging is local made as well, with the processing done by hand. We are trying to keep materials as natural as possible. 

    • The main paper of our jewelry boxes is a local handmade recycled eco paper, colored with tea extracts.
      For the insert fabric we use 100% cotton.

    • The workers in our supply chain get payed a fair loan.

    • All of our jewelry is blessed in a Balinese ceremony.


      Balinese blessings


      Every piece of our jewelry undergoes a sacred Balinese ceremony, conducted by a Balinese priest, to receive a blessing. 🙏

      During the ceremony, the jewelry is purified and imbued with new intentions. Wearing these pieces is intended to enlighten the spirit,
      strengthen self-love, and serve as a reminder to celebrate one's true self.

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      The Village is located around 10 Km south of Ubud and around 25 Km from Denpasar City. The small village is surrounded by rice fields and rivers. Because there was no bridge available before the year 1985, the village was still very isolated. The students had to swim to cross the river everyday to go to school.


      The village now consist of around 80 families with around 325 peoples. Because of the isolation in the past, still all family have a relation to each other. Most of them are farmer, and almost every family has a block of rice field where they can produce their own rice and food. 

      Beside being farmers, most of the villager have developed skills in some kind of art. Often when they come back from the rice fields, they will work as painter, kris maker, wood carver, mask maker, jewellery maker etc..


      In the 1970s tourism on the island Bali was starting to grow rapidly. In adaption to this uptick, many Balinese people used their skill of art to make souveniers, paintings or jewelry to sell to the tourists. Most of those artwork was sold in the thriving areas like ubud, Kuta, and to the big art Galleries. The additional business elevate both the local skill of art, as well as economic scale of the village.

      Due to its bigger size and much better location, the neighbouring village Celuk was very successful in producing Jewelry very early on. Their families benefited greatly from the additional income. Seeing them as an inspiration, the people of the Village started to learn from the Celuk people to also generate more income and have a better life.

      Still most of the villagers cannot speak english. Due to the fact that some of them already developed thier english, they now can export their handmade jewelry directly to customers in and outside of Bali. Although they still do most of the work by hand, they slowly begin to adopt some new technology like machines.

      Since a few years they offer a traditional silver class for tourist who come and visit their village.


      Celebrate yourself now! ✨